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Writing your advert

if you feel that writing your advert is a truly daunting task, I hope this help makes it easy and effective to write your advert. 

Every bussiness is different, some questions will be erelavant, some you may not want to anser. It is up to you how you would like to procied. 

Title of advert - A very short / descriptive title is best. 

Description of your bussiness

  •  What are your main commercial activities?
  • Why are you selling?
  • About how long has the business been trading?
  • How many staff (Managers, sales, admin and production)
  • Turnover
  • Gross / Net profit
  • Is your profit / turnover steady, increasing or decreasing?
  • Who is your customer base?
  • Do you have any ongoing contracts / regular customers
  • Do you have detailed info on each customer?
  • Are your premises owned, rented
  • Are you tied to a lease? 
  •  Can you continue using the existing building?
  • Could the business be relocated?
  • Included within the sale ? (Good will, Brand names / Patents, Raw materials, Machines, Made up stock)
  • Do you have any liabilities?
  • Anything that is excluded from the sale.
  • Do you have any famous customers / extraordinary jobs
  • Will you give support to the buyer of the business? 
  • Does the business run it's self or does it need lots of input. 
  • How do you stand with your competitors? (are you the largest fish in the pond or a minnow)
  • How would you like people to contact you? (Agent, anonymised email, mobile number (bought for the purpose), your normal phone / email or letter)
  • Are you going to make a buyers pack? offer to send it to them?
  • hat photos can I use on the advert? Or just a anonymous business for sale?


Price - This is the price you would like to charge for the bussiness.  
Location - Give us the postcode so we can include it to localise searches. If you like we can annonimise this to a county or reagon. 
Contact details - Provide a phone number and / or email address.  You can annonimise these if you like 

Click here for our price list and instructions on how to advertise with us


It is often difficult to publish a photo of an ongoing bussines without giving public However a potential buyer could base 90% of their purchasing decision on the first photograph they see. If you don't have a good photo they could just skip your advert.  

Taking time photographing can make the diference between getting the enquires or not.

You can have one or as many photos as you feel necessary to sell your bussines (within reason).