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Sold Complete Real Ice Rink Package - Dorset


The package includes all the equipment to build and run a rink with a capacity of 75 skaters:

• Matting and headers made by Custom Ice which will make a rink 20m by 10m
• Solid painted barriers in ‘sexy pink’ which can be bolted to the floor or frozen into the ice. Barriers include fire door and cleaner door
• All the timber to build the platform for the rink with sufficient blocks to level a 50cm gradient
• 50mm of insulation to go under the ice rink
• 1000lt of 50% Glycol mix
• Water hoses for flooding
• Kerston Ice Sweeper with a 5.5hp Honda engine
• 225 pairs of Roxa Ice Skates sizes 10 junior to 13 adult
• Two Penguin Skating Aids
• Music with PA system plus a CCTV camera and monitor
• Skate Sharpening Machine
• Skate boxes
• Counter desk
• Lightweight container 2m by 4m by 2m high for secure storage
• On line booking system compatible with Paypal
• Free help with the building of the rink and advice on the operation
• More photos on our website

(The only thing you will need to hire is the Coolers and maybe a Standpipe)

Only been used for three Christmas seasons


A marquee to cover the whole ice rink and control area. We have found it very important to have a roof on the rink. Mainly it attracts skaters in all weather conditions and protects the ice from the elements which saves electricity.

A 12m by 21m Coverspan Marquee on 3m legs white PVC walls and roof and a 9m by 9m Coverspan Marquee on 2.3m legs for the changing and skate storage area with a 3m aluminium patio fire door

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