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Sell your catering equipment

Land For Sale - Catering Pitch - Cardiff - Wales


This is a Freehold Plot of Land (in the Centre of Cardiff City) with the (Pre-1928) Hard Standing Foundations of a (Used) Prefabricated Kiosk (Shop) Catering Pod on it , and lots of Space .

This Land is located within the Heart of Pengam Green (CF24 2HB) ; at the Roundabout which is beside the (Very Busy) Bus Stop of the Local Medical Centre ; and can easily be found online.

Google Maps Location

(Please be advised that the 'Brick Shed' which Features Prominently on the Google Maps Photo of this Property was actually made of Pre-Fabricated Cardboard Paper ; and has Long Gone. The Solid Stone Foundations are Still Intact).

This plot has its own wooden gate, off-street parking, vehicle access, storage space, kiosk, hedging trees and driveway.

The site measures approximately 0.1 acres in size and is best described as being a compact urban jungle of exotic shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees, all of which have been freely allowed to grow without substantial restriction, over the past 100 years or so.

Situated on the site are the foundations of a detached pre-1928 building, plus other conspicuous areas which are all quite ideal for the locating of a brand new set of kiosks, or the strategic positioning of a lucrative mobile business like a newsagents shop, sub post office, cafe, grocery, salon, pet grooming parlour, gallery, street food canteen, corner shop or a taxi hub etc.

Utilities are located very close by and can all be easily connected in future.

There is also the further addition of a separate small piece of Freehold Ransom (Wayleaves) Land nearby, right beside a very busy bus stop, that furthermore has the potential for the siting of yet another detached kiosk .

Planning Permission is not required to refurbish the Current Foundations and Contents.

If You (already) have your own Catering Trailer , then you can easily Park It There (on the Building Foundations) , Connect it to the relevant Utilities , and Start Trading without any Nonsense.

The UK Land Registry Data (To Obtain a Copy of the Site Plan , the Site Map and Site Deeds) is as follows :

Land Registry

Freehold. Title Number : CYM357296

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* remember to view our other items for (24 hours a day).

* the golden nightlife photo represents a plausible architectural (moorish canopy) suggestion which was obtained from lisbon (portugal). The last 5 photos are other suggestions for you from all around the world (just in case you need further inspiration ). Look at the examples very carefully. They could save you money.

* separate hard standing foundations are already on site (since around the year 1928).

* there is lots of space for outdoor seating on the cardiff plot - plus an extra kiosk space immediately beside the local bus stop.

Each Party must have their Own Legal Team.

Delivery notes

UK Land Registry Freehold Land Number CYM357296
Sterling Close Roundabout
CF24 2HB
Cardiff City

Contact notes

Joey (Property Owner / Landlord).

Mobile Phone Number : +447858046425

UK WhatsApp Number : +447858046425

Price: £145000 £99950 VAT Free
Ref#: C9FBAA970E33

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