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H2 Products - Somerset

Based in Bridgwater, Somerset

Contact us on 01278 423823 or 07977 812601 or Email sales@h2products.co.uk or visit our website www.h2products.co.uk

Unit 2, Cherry Orchard, Squibbers Way, Colley Lane Industrial Estate, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5FB

We offer a 3 month warranty on all gas and electrical appliances
Used Berkel GLO411 Slicer. Robust slicer with large cutting capacity designed to minimize operator effort.
The precision of the blade and reliable motors for continuous and intensive work allow significant cost savings of your business management.
67cmW x 60cmD x 52cmH

£625 +VAT

Used Hot Cupboard. Single door
Adjustable feet
Thermostat controlled
70cmW x 70cmD x 87cmH

£280 +VAT

New B Grade Polar G609 Pizza Salad Chiller. Ideal for convenient sandwich or salad preparation, the Polar refrigerated servery keeps up to seven ¼-size GN pans of food perfectly chilled and easily accessible. With digital controls and robust stainless steel construction, the servery is both easy to use and effortless to clean.
The built-in continual evaporator and glass surround ensure hygiene and performance are maintained throughout your service, whilst the clever design ensures pans can be quickly swapped out without fuss. A great quality countertop chiller.

£460 +VAT

New B Grade Polar CN402 Bench Fridge. Keep your ingredients close to hand with the Polar G-Series pizza prep counter. By combining reliable chilled food storage capacity alongside an incredibly strong and sturdy granite prep top, it's easy to roll dough, as well as prep other favourites such as wraps, sandwiches or salads.
Behind each door is a single shelf and floor protector, chilled by powerful forced air cooling. This gives you a generous amount of reliable storage, even when the doors are being opened on a regular basis. Digital controls and handy auto-defrost make the counter easy to use and clean, whilst the strong stainless steel exterior more than meets the needs of any busy pro kitchen.

£850 +VAT

Used Polar CF761 Chilled Juice dispenser. The Polar G-Series twin tank chilled drinks dispenser is the ideal solution for keeping your customers refreshed. Perfect for use in cafés, tourist attractions and convenience stores, the Polar offers up to 12 litres of capacity in each sturdy polycarbonate tank.

£395 +VAT

Used Double Sink.
Double bowl 40 X 45 X 28cm
Right drainer
Adjustable feet
Taps 150cmW x 65cmD x 89cmH

£375 +VAT

Used Stainless Table. Single door cabinet
Adjustable feet
Please see pictures for the shape of the table.
130cmW x 80cmD x 89cm

£225 +VAT

Used Single Sink.
Single bowl 60 X 45 X 29cm
Left drainer, Shelf, Adjustable feet , Upstand
New taps
120cmW x 65cmD x 85cmH

£295 +VAT

Used Single Sink.
Single bowl 50 X 40 X 28cm
Right drainer, Shelf, Adjustable feet, Upstand
New taps
120cmW x 60cmD x 89cmH Used

£295 +VAT

Used Hand Sink. Single bowl 40 X 26 X 10cm
Wall mountable
Taps 46cmW x 36cmD x 13cmH

£55 +VAT

Used Polar DB332 Slush Machine. Designed with two 12 litre tanks, this slush machine from Polar lets you serve multiple flavours at once. The slush machine is made with a powerful cooling system that allows you to start serving drinks from as little as 40 minutes after activation - allowing you to serve guests faster. The digital display, electronic temperature and speed controls all aid in making the setting-up process easier, whilst allowing you to customise settings to serve anything from chilled drinks to ice-cold slush.

£875 +VAT

Used Stainless Table. Shelf
Adjustable feet
60cmW x 60cmD x 88cmH

£100 +VAT

New B Grade Diaminox Stainless Table. Are you making the most of your kitchen space? This prep table from the Diaminox range will give you an extra work surface while increasing your storage space at the same time – it’s a simple but practical addition that’ll benefit any professional kitchen.

£100 +VAT

New B Grade Polar CC065 Display Fridge. Simple and effective, the Polar C-Series upright display fridge is a great choice for less demanding sites. With four adjustable shelves and fan assisted cooling, the fridge provides impressive cooling capacity and quickly brings temperatures down once the door is closed. Stylish LED internal lighting helps to effectively showcase and promote the contents, whether that's fresh meat, dairy products or ready meals. Cleaning is straightforward too, thanks to strong commercial stainless steel construction on the outside and user-replaceable door seals.

£450 +VAT

New B Grade Samsung F317 Microwave 1500W. Cook, reheat and defrost a wide variety of foods using one of the most popular professional microwaves on the market - the manual Samsung 1500W commercial microwave. With its impressive reputation for reliability, performance and efficiency, chefs and cooks around the world have long used the Samsung to save time and effort, whilst still getting great cooking results every time.

£450 +VAT

New B Grade Tefcold UF550 Single Freezer. Solid door upright freezer with lockable door, 6 fixed shelves and a digital temperature controller. This unit is finished in White.

£615 +VAT

New B Grade Tefcold SS7300 Bench Fridge. Suitable for commercial use
3 Solid hinged doors
Self-closing doors
Gastronorm well accepts 1/3, 1/6 or 1/2 pans

£1150 +VAT

New B Grade ISA Bermuda Ice Cream Display Freezer. Bermuda is a beautiful Island and so is the ISA Bermuda ice cream display freezer. The curved anti mist glass and lighting system really display all your Ice creams wonderfully. The ice cream freezer is easy to move, clean and position with the supplied castors. The ventilated intelligent chilling system allows the ice cream to be placed closer to the top of the unit for better viewing and also provides even temperatures around the cabinet. To save energy and money the range also comes with a rear night curtain.

£1750 +VAT

New B Grade Tefcold CK7310 3 Door Bench Fridge.
Suitable for commercial use
3 Solid hinged doors
Suitable for storage of fresh meat

£975 +VAT

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