Sold Marquee Business For Sale


Strawberry Fayre Marquees est 20 years with a Regular customer base, Selling due to ill health.

Price £180,000 (will be prepared to sell in smaller lots)

Stock includes

12m x 20m Premium quality Roder HTS Marquee,
40+ Academy Marquees,
9x EZ-UP marquees.
Dance floors
163 tables
1000 chairs
Web site

Stock List:-

Premium quality Roder hts Marquee 12m x 20m 2 years old very good condition lining package for
the above include:
2 x 12m Hip ends second with 3 roofs and infill triangles
2 x Roofs plus spare roof sections
12 x 2.4 x 5m walls
64m swags
2 Panoramic window walls plus complete new windows to gable end
Wall weights and lining bars
Wooden interlocking floor for 12 x 20m

Academy Marquees:
Qty 4 Pairs 15ft x 30ft Cones lace as new
Qty 10 10ft x 30ft Middles lace as new
30ft x 30ft
40ft x 30ft
50ft x 30ft
60ft x 30ft
70ft x 30ft
80ft x 30ft
90ft x 30ft
100ft x 30ft
3x 20ft x 20ft complete roofs
3x 20ft x 20ft Split Lace
1x 20ft x 50ft Split clips
7x 10ft x 20ft Split middles - make up sizes -
20ft x 20ft
20ft x 30ft
20ft x 40ft
20ft x 50ft
20ft x 60ft
20ft x 70ft
20ft x 80ft
20ft x 90ft
5x 20ft x 30ft complete
4x 20ft x 40ft complete
3x 15ft x 30ft complete
2x 15ft x 15ft Split lace
5x 15ft x 15ft Split lace middles
1x 15ft x 15ft Complete
1x 15ft x 30ft Split clips
1x 10ft x 20ft Complete
1x 10ft x 30ft Complete
2x 10ft x 10ft Complete
2x 15ft x 15ft Split lace
2x 10ft x 15ft Complete
5 pairs 10ftx5ft cones split lace
15x10ftx10ft middles split lace
(7ft legs - 8ft legs - Extending legs) 7ft walls - 8ft walls to suit
Metal fittings for hard standing to walls - Concrete tubs - weight bags
Rain gutters= 50x Mixture of 10ft 15ft 20ft 30ft 40ft 50ft
Academy Marquee internal linings to suit above

Roof linings:
7ft wall linings
8ft wall linings
10x Various coloured valance - Leg sleeves

EZ-UP Instant shelters:
2x 10ft x 20ft
1x 10ft x 15ft
6x 10ftx 10ft
Inc - Walls - Window walls - Skirts - Wgt bags

25x Spotlights on dimmer switches 3 bulb sets
Various other spots singles and doubles
30x Chandeliers on dimmer switches searchlightzanzibar antique brass)12x 8 Arm 12x 6 Arm 6x 3

Coconut matting + tarpaulins :10ft 15ft 20ft 30ft 40ft Biege and striped

Dance floor:
Weblock interlocking stained / varnished 2,000 sq ft
Weblock black and white 20ft x 30ft as new
Weblock interlocking flooring

1ft high or 2 ft high inc skirt
20x 8ft x 4ft
10x 4ft x 4ft

3x l.b white premier ducted heaters on thermostat
6x Calor gas cabinet heaters

15x 6ft Diam tables new
28x 5ft Diam tables new
20x 5ft Diam tables pressed
100x 3ft Diam bistro tables
65x Trestle tables
1000x Bistro chairs
45x 6ft x 3ft White picket fencing

25x Extension leads
Electric cleaning buffer brushes / fluid
Ford dropwell van
Small trailer

Delivery notes

Located Middlesex

This item is now sold

Price: Sold